24H - ACCESS TO TICKETS! Buy your ticket now for REDUCED rates! ANNIVERSARY ACTION!

Today we celebrate the ANNIVERSARY of the very first DANZA LUNA and for this special occassion we grant everyone 24 hours access to our ticket page for our INVITED GUESTS to allow YOU to purchase your tickets for SPECIALLY REDUCED rateds.

Conditions This action takes places from 9 AM (09:00) 20th of May 2019 and lasts till 9 AM - 21st of May 2019. During that period of time, you can purchase your tickets for specially reduced rates as we offer to our invited guests and meanwhile secure your place before the begin of the public sale on the 15th of July 2019 (Public rates will be annouced on the 15th of July). * FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. * There are no reservations possible. * Payments ONLY with PayPal.

* No returns or exchanges possible. * We preserved a limited number of tickets for this action. * We have the right to stop the action halfway when the tickets get exhausted. * No combination with other reductions.

Questions? Let us know! LINK

Picture Credits: Poster: Model by Emmalyne Rose LINK - Photo by Marieke Selhost LINK Black and White: Model by Marina Marisha LINK - Photo by Bart Kools LINK


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