It is our pleasure to announce that the legendary German band from Naumburg, "OTHER DAY", - Niha Céta and Sad, -has joined our ranks and will give you a concert during Danza Luna!

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Other Day was founded in 1995 by its first members D’eep, Mike and Sad. All o us made music in different projects before but wanted to create something far from the ordinary with this band. So the story of Other Day began. Over the years our music evolved to what it is nowadays: a sort of romantic, dreamy framing of poems. Classical elements are combined with percussions, choirs and the unique way of recitation of singer Sad. In 2007 Niha-Céta became a part of the band as well. Her cello expands the spherical minimalism of the songs. Our music doesn’t lead the audience to the dancefloor. It leads to a world of dreams instead.

There isn’t one big highlight we could name right now. Every album release is some kind of milestone and a matter truly dear to our heart. Furthermore we’re also proud about every chance for playing some kind of special concert whether it’s a special location or unique by the appearance of dancers, some kind of special stage, light or something similar. Really unique experiences were our performances at a church in Bolkow (Poland) as part of Castle Party festival, our show at Dance in Concert in Leipzig as well as several shows in a planetarium. Performing at Danza Luna is also a highlight we’re really looking forward to!

We don’t plan that far in the future ‘cause too strict plans make you blind for possibilities around you. For now we’re eagerly awaiting our 25th anniversary, that will be celebrated with a special concert in our hometown in August 2020. Right now we’re working hard on finishing a new album. Besides this we also have different side projects with local musicians, not all of them bring results that can be shared as Other Day (so fans usually don’t know about it), but nevertheless this projects are helpful to think outside the box and always lots of fun. We’re really thankful to the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support of our fans. Everybody, who takes time to listen to lyrics and songs and who appreciate something different in this fast moving time we are living in, is rare and special. Stay unique and never let anybody tell you how you have to be.

There will be an intimate acoustic concert for VIP ONLY and later in the evening the band will perform to all our guests. We do encourage you to book your tickets as soon as possible if you don't want to miss out on this unique performance! One in a kind in BELGIUM.

More info about Other Day and can be found on the following links: Facebook: Youtube: E-Mail:

***Big thanks and credits to photographer for all pictures SIO MOTION".


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