MEET@DANZA: our BELGIAN Ambassador - Haute Gothure

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

"MEET@Danza" features the wonderful artists who contribute to the organisation of our outstanding event. Today we have the pleasure to present you our ambassador HAUTE GOTHURE from OSTEND - BELGIUM.

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With my label "Haute Gothure", specialized in bespoke dark fashion, I want to create a world where everyone is dressed in extravagant clothing. I want to make women (or perhaps men) feel like a queen or goddess in refined, elegant gowns and express their inner darkness. I want them to wear these costumes on their wedding day, a masquerade ball, on stage, in a video clip or for a photoshoot. Maybe even in a movie, theatre, or any other occasion. Every design is unique and handmade with a dark touch. I focus on the personality of each customer and make use of my sensitivity for soft and high quality fabrics.

Earlier I got the opportunity to make a historical dress for metal singer, Tarja Turunen. This was part of a photo project where she represented Anne Boleyn. This was the first time I made something for someone else.

Since 2008 I’m active as model and that’s where I used most of my creativity by creating my own concepts and stylings. I get inspiration from movies, series and even music clips from my favorite bands like Within Temptation and Evanescence. But also fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana and the smaller names (but not less amazing) like Royal Black Couture, Bibian Blue and Linda Friesen are big inspirations.

I graduated in 2016 as Fashion designer with my Mongolian inspired collection “Fight like a Warrior”. It’s a sequel on my first small collection “Like a Bird in a Cage” which both describes my phases and experiences in school and even today where I was/am never free enough to develop myself and my style. But I’m very stubborn and I’ll always fight back.

In 2018 I challenged myself to participate in the Foundations Revealed contest with my first corset “Elytra”. I applied for the “Beginner” category but the organisation found my work more “Improver” worthy, so I got an upgrade. For me this was a reason to feel I have already won.

For me it’s important I can make the customer feel confident. I want to touch the people’s heart and be honest with them.

Sharon was present at Danza for the last two years in a row! This year she'll be there for reception of the VIP Guests togetherwith the members of the Organisation and the Guests of Honour.

More info about Haute Gothure and can be found on the following links:





***Big thanks and credits to photographers: *1 Picture - Wim Vanderwegen , *Picture 2 - Tim Tronckoe, *Picture 3 - Haute Gothure, *Picture 4 - Isabelle Hanneuse.


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