MEET@DANZA: Our DUTCH Ambassador - La Dutchessa

"MEET@Danza" features the wonderful artists who contribute to the organization of our outstanding event. Today we have the pleasure to present to you our ambassador LA DUTCHESSA from WAGENINGEN - THE NETHERLANDS.

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My life kind kind of has two parts that intertwine sometimes.. but for both of them I need

my creativity and social skills. My background of attending the conservatory and being a

clarinet player got me into music and arts in general, so since 18 years I have been

earning my living as a music and arts teacher at a secondary school.

But the other part of the week is where I really get my artistic stimulation. I went to

Castlefest in 2007(?) and then I met an amazing photographer (Masque Obscura) that

got me started with shoots. That led to participating in all kinds of events and shows..

and that again led to organising or helping out with events. At the moment I do about

everything creative or organisation wise; mainly in goth, fantasy, historical and vampire

events. I still model a bit, but it is not the main focus anymore.

Art wise my highlight has been that a photo that Sheridans Art took of me was in an

exposition in the Louvre... I cried when I heard that. It was part of a big worldwide

competition so it was a big honour to be acknowledged for our hard word. I also had the

chance to be part of a photo book of Viona Art, which was so much fun to make. Working

as her assistant for multiple events also was a big honour.

As far as being proud of what I created, I think that would be Emporium Vernesque. I

organised the only indoor Steampunk event in the Netherlands for 5 years. That was


I am taking it a bit slower than when I started, because that was just an insane time. Too

many shoots, too many parties. Loads of fun but exhausting. Unfortunately I have quite

heavy health issues (mainly arthrosis) so I couldn’t keep up with that pace anymore.

That is why at this moment I am mainly assisting other organisers to help make

awesome events. I hope to be able to do this for quite some time, because it is loads of


Enjoy every second of your life to the fullest! You never know when the fun stops… so try

to no regret too much, shed your insecurities and just go for it. Because why hold

yourself back or not do what you love?

La Dutchessa will model for our exhibitor SOMNIA ROMANTICA and seat as jurymember for our PUBLIC RUNWAY CONTEST! She will also be present at the reception of the VIP Guests togetherwith the members of the Organisation and the Guests of Honour.

More info about La Dutchessa and can be found on the following links: Facebook:



***Big thanks and credits to photographers: Pic 1* Henk van Rijssen (Acc Elegant Curiosities), Pic 2* AVK Photography (Outfit Insomnia Romantica), Pic 3* Henk van Rijssen.


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