MEET@DANZA: Our EXCLUSIVE Exhibitor from BELGIUM - Rita Van Hul

"MEET@Danza" features the wonderful artists who contribute to the organisation of our outstanding event. Today we have the pleasure to present you RITA VAN HUL from ANTWERP - BELGIUM who will exhibit some of your most gold creations.


Since I was a child, I have always had a passion for powerful Empires like Rome and Egypt.

I was particularly impressed with the empire of the Macedonian Greek King, Alexander the Great, who once ruled the entire ancient world!

They all had an exceptional way of expressing themselves, with the greatest luxury the world has ever seen before, which I absolutely adore.

With sheer willpower and a clear idea, I started on a journey to realize my DREAM!

I followed my passion and I started to design, with a goal to create my own jewellery!

With my jewellery, I want to provide people with the ability to fully express themselves, making them feel empowered by my Majestic and Energetic designs.

I want to make them feel worthy in their own unique way! A person with a powerful identity who knows their inner value and feels that when they enter THE ROOM they will to get noticed and that they will shine like a Diamond!

I believe that beauty and luxury is a never changing concept, it will always float through time, now and forever and my jewellery exudes a classic beauty that blends perfectly with contemporary aesthetics.

Every one of my pieces is handmade, in luxurious 18 KT Gold and Sterling Silver and the jewels that contain Diamonds are come with a GIA certificate of authenticity.

My message to the WORLD is;

I wish that people always to have the chance to truly express their feelings in a unique way, their way! Because there is only 1 person like you! Live your own truth!

Be grateful of what the Universe provides you every day!

Give and receive with your heart, because the Universe works in both ways.

Handle and think in your own Wisdom, so you can attract the most beautiful moments, people and gifts. Those things will be remembered and felt in your heart for the rest of your life!

Rita will be showcasing some of her most popular designs. Momentally she is working on exclusive commissions base only for which she creates for runways and special events.

Her new media and website are in the make.


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