MEET@DANZA: Our EXCLUSIVE guest from Belgium - TOP MODEL Yannick Geerts

"MEET@Danza" features the wonderful artists who contribute to the organisation of our outstanding event. Today we have the pleasure to YANNICK GEERTS the winner for Top Men of TOP MODEL BELGIUM 2019.

I am an independent model and Marketing Communication Manager, all my energy goes to the art of creating a positive emotion and feeling with the target market.

My passion for art, acting, modelling started when I was 12 years old. For many years my interest remained a hobby because of my parents who caree about a stable job. 2 years ago I realised that life is about passion and creating things you really love. Art in general obtains all my respect.

In my opinion artists bring their own view on  a certain story. And it is the audience that show empathy who are able to sympathize with the artist. In my area, modelling, the beauty and success can be found in the collaboration between designer, photographer, model, brand manager,... As a model with experience in marketing I know the importance of bringing the right message to the audience. It is incredibly exciting when a company gives their trust to me as a model to "represent" their brand. To me my profession also is a category of art. 

My highlight up till now is the title I won in the contest of Top Model Belgium 2019, because here I was judged by a panel of 12 fashion experts during the runaway event @Lido Paris.

Also my frequent collaboration with Gemini Bracelets is a true highlight on this moment. As a person I feel connected to the brand story and materials they use. So it is a pleasure to see that interest is mutual.

My future goal is to be able to demonstrate my values within the creative market so that certain high end brand feel connected with my way of thinking and working.  In a short time I will be going to Istanbul to collaborate as a model. Hopefully the results can be transformed to partnerships on the long term. I really love my job, I am fond of art.  My message is cliche but the following: if you believe in God, you will automatically believe in yourself.  Good and bad things happen for a reason, so always start your day with a maximum of persistence,  and one day dreams will become reality.

Yannick will be present at the "Ribbon Ceremony" at the begin of the evening. He will also join us for the VIP reception.

You can find more of Yannick on




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