MEET@DANZA: Our EXHIBITOR from Germany, - Katrin Lanfire

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

"MEET@Danza" features the wonderful artists who contribute to the organisation of our outstanding event. Today we have the pleasure to present you our first Exhibitor, Katrin Lanfire also known as the designer and owner of MY WITCHERY from RÖMSTED - GERMANY.

My modeling and fashion design began from my passion of creating various dark looks. I`m a big lover of art and fashion and try to wear something unique even in daily life. When photographers started to ask me to be a model in their projects, I was interested and glad to collaborate. At the same time I started to make an accessories for my shootings and parties, with time it grow up to business. My first shooting was in 2010-2011, since 2015 I`ve started to do it more often for brands and designers, but only a couple of years ago I decided to pay to my modeling as much attention, as I can.

The highlight in my art, was meeting my dear friend Alice and some other wonderful artists. They believed in my talent and I had no other way, just to start my own career. For me it's very important to work together with amazingly talented people , get a new knowledge and represent some our ideas. My plans and goals are to keep growing in every of my fields of art and show to people, how various, inspiring and creative the dark side of beauty can be.

“Without you, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you for your support and attention to my art, it's priceless”.

Katerine Lanfire will be exhibiting together with her friend Alice, some of thier outstanding creations at our exhibition room and during the runway show. She will also join us at our VIP reception with her husband.

More info about Katerine Lanfire can be found on the following links:

Instagram: FB: Shop: E-mail :

***Big thanks and credits to photographers: *1 - 3 Pictures - LaCroix Photo, *Picture 2 - Berkas Lena ( Лена Беркас ).


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