MEET@DANZA: Our GERMAN Ambassador - La Scura

"MEET@Danza" features the wonderful artists who contribute to the organisation of our outstanding event. Today we have the pleasure to present you our ambassador LA SCURA from KÖLN - GERMANY.

I'm a costume actor and well-known event visitor who likes to live my dreams in different concepts and artistic values. As a child I was always facinated by dark and mysterious costumes. Later I fell in love with my favourite city VENICE and ofcourse also with Carnivale di Venezia which I begun to attend since 2003 on.

Steadily I begon to create my own costume ideas with differnt known costume designers as I wanted to become a part of Venice, I wanted te belong to it's many amazing events. To live out the part of the character in my spirit was my most inner passion and fantasy. I have a lot of experience by attending marvelous Venetian Balls, Ballo de Doge or Cavalchina in La Fenice Theater.

I also like to keep creating my own events for my group of friends in Italy, Lanzarote and Germany. While I visit some nice happenings, I live my pasion,  have a good time with special people, and never cry with the wolfes. In the end one must know how to live and let live, to exept different kind of situations, of ideas and thoughts. Never play up, never tell others what is right or wrong, enjoy your life and be nobodys darling! Keep away from bad energy. Be who you wanna be and do what you wanna do. Don't hurt other peoples feelings and have a free mind.. we can be lucky to live in a wonderful free country in such a lovely time.

Last year, LA SCURA co-hosted the reception for the VIP Guests together with the members of the Organisation and the Guests of Honour. This year La Scura will join us again but as our Ambassador! She will personally welcome our guests at our VIP reception!

More info about La Scura and can be found on the following links:


***Big thanks and credits to photographers: *1 - 2 Pictures - P. Van Der Ende, *Picture 3 - Elias Gubbels Photography.


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