MEET@DANZA: Our UK Ambassador - Lady Amaranth

"MEET@Danza" features the wonderful artists who contribute to the organisation of our outstanding event. Today we have the pleasure to present you our ambassador LADY AMARANTH from Worcestershire - UNITED KINGDOM.

"My first proper photo shoot was with Nadya Lev in 2004. She was visiting from America and had seen some clubbing snaps of me and asked to take my picture - I'd never really thought about 'modelling' before that. Afterwards some friends who made clothes asked if I would model for them and things just progressed from there. I really enjoyed how you could create worlds in imagery and the opportunity to help showcase the wonderful work of the artisans and companies within the alternative scene was great too."

"I guess the highlight in my career would be being included in books and articles on the subject of the gothic subculture is always a real honour - I like to hope I can represent the goth scene in the best possible way, embodying all the beauty it personally holds for me. Recently having a baby, my future pretty much revolves very much around my little one - but I'll never give up goth, it'll continue to be part of me and grow and evolve with me as my life changes and evolves. And who knows perhaps granny goth modelling will become a thing ;)"

"Find your passions and live them. Know that while we do all have to operate in the ‘normal' mundane world, you can still weave in your own little thread of magic to make things that bit more bearable. But don’t try too hard, let it come naturally and wear your beauty both inside and out."

Lady Amaranth joined us a Guest of Honour last year and wrote a small review about our event on the Alchemy England Blog which you can read HERE.

She also has an own blog about Alternative Fashion on which she features many marvelous creations and artists herself! You can visit Alternatieve Fashion HERE

More info about her works can be find on the following links:

Credits to photographers: Scott Chalmers (1st picture) LINK Taya Uddin (2nd - 3rd picture) LINK


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