Owner "Elysion Couture"
 "I was  always in love with fantasy art, historical clothing and fashion. I  started drawing, dressing up and playing around with different styles of  clothing and make up at a very young age. During my teenage years I  started fashion designing and making my own clothing. After a while I  was discovered by photographers and I began to model, very shy at first.  When I started to publish my works on the internet I was overcome by  positive responses and even got inquiries from people who wanted me to  create clothing for them too. Now i am striving to establish my own  business and make unique, elaborate gothic and fantasy garments for  kindred souls."

"What  I  love the most is meeting and collaborating with other artists, models  or photographers which I admire and love to exchange inspiration. It’s  also very rewarding to work with some of my own favourite brands like  Alchemy Gothic or Killstar. I will continue to expand my range of  different looks and constantly evolve my style of designs. I hope to  establish my own brand and do what I love the most - CREATING."

 "BE  YOURSELF, unappologetically. Be whoever you want to be and wear whatever  you want to wear, regardless of social norms, gender roles or labels.  You only have this one lifetime, make it as beautiful and magical as  possible and live your dream."
Model: @valentinwinter - Photo: @simonerichter

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